Having a Byron Bay Wedding will be a truly magical experience.

Your wedding ceremony is going to be a very precious moment in your life. My job and my passion is to help create a beautiful relaxed and romantic ceremony that feels aligned with you as a couple. Personal, customised and perfectly you. Working with me, everyone at your wedding will enjoy the meaningful expression of your love story, which will be delivered with warmth reverence and fun (at the right moments).

How to create a magical Ceremony!
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Hi, I’m Susie, a creative mother, sister, and wife.  I live with my family by the beach in this blessed Bunjalung country. As a wife I am constantly navigating my own way through the joys and challenges of love, marriage and family life.

Other people say I’m relaxed and earthy and they enjoy that my ceremonies are delivered with warmth and confidence.

My combined interest in ceremony and the fact that I am a love story enthusiast, as well as my practical grounding as a corporate facilitator, naturally led me years ago to become a Celebrant.  It’s pretty cool knowing I do something that people value and my life is enriched with the experience of shaping and sharing in these powerful moments with inspirational people.


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Your ceremony is a super charged moment to face the one you love and fully embody the beauty of your love story.

Whether you do this in a grand elaborate way, or intimately in a magical glen, its about your commitment to love, life and togetherness.. whatever this means to you. We will also include a healthy splash of your truth and beliefs, and the quirky reality of your relationship.

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For something out of the ordinary, maybe include a musical performance by a friend within your ceremony, a handfasting or another simple ritual that resonates with you. I can offer lots of inspiration and happy to work with you to help unfold any ideas you have too!

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“From our first meeting with Susie, we knew we wanted her to be a part of our wedding.

She exudes calm and has a genuine interest in other’s lives that goes far beyond mere professional courtesy. Her process in shaping our ceremony was instrumental in helping us voice our true reasons for marriage, and made us reflect on the reasons we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other. And this path of discovery isn’t forced or contrived with Susie, her relaxed demeanor and approach continues from the first meeting to the end of the ceremony.

As atheists, Susie was fantastic in suggesting elements for the ceremony that elevated our wedding beyond mere civil union. The structure and pacing of the wedding was superb, never rushed or preachy but still incorporating a wonderful sense of occasion to really make it our special day.  Her performance in front of our guests was confident but relaxed, perfectly fitting our Byron Bay location.

All our guests thought she was fantastic, but never stole the limelight, and long will the memories of this wonderful day live on for my wife and I.”

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Read more testimonials