“Our hopes for our wedding were to have a fun and love- filled ceremony that included and acknowledged all of our wonderful guests in our love and celebration. We wanted to honour the Celtic traditions of both our bloodlines, as well as the land and community we are a part of, including its’ traditional custodians. We are not religious, but hold enormous value in the beauty and power of nature, so we wanted to draw these elements into our ceremony through our words and clear intentions.

After meeting with Susie, we knew she was perfect to do all this. She provided excellent material relating to the ideas we had described, and it took a little time but, with Susies help, we selected the wording that best resonated with us for our vows, blessings and the handfasting ceremony. Susie pulled all of this together, creating a beautiful, meaningful and truly unique wedding ceremony. We have been told by many of our guests that this was one of the most memorable and wonderful weddings they had witnessed.

Susie was an integral part of this, facilitating a magical ceremony where our guests were swept along with the words, music and joy of the day.”